Hyper Thin Knife



Introducing a Zootility's first version of the Hyper Thin multi-tool pocket knife. Every edge and square inch is utilized as a knife feature or as a tool. The Hyper Thin Knife is one of the easiest knives for convenient storage due to it's ultra-thin featherweight design and patented FlyOff technology. Our FlyOff® technology enables you to remove the blade quickly, easily, and without tools. Made in the wood of Maine.


See how to open, close, attach, and remove your new blades in our Operating Manual here.

PIVOT technology

No screws, means no weak points.

Hyper Thin

Full sized pocket knife with the profile of a credit card.

Removable Blade

Blade can be removed and left with TSA if forgotten in wallet.


2x Rulers (in/cm) 

Bottle opener

Straight edge

Flat Screwdriver

Pry Bar

micro screwdriver

Pocket Knife

Serrated Blade

Why zootility?

Support Made in USA

Quality Materials

Made to Last Guarantee

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